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LunariaN  (2 months ago)

Its a HIT! wondeful!

FiloZ  (4 months ago)

Kudo's to LIZZIE SPIRAL! Fantastic arrangements and vocals in "cornflake face " ...... !!! *****

FiloZ  (4 months ago)

Dear ExitPenguin, in the song "little things said" is a cool and cold sounding strings sound, (reminds me of one feature of my former virtual instrument "Minimogue VA") that contributes to some extra deep character when you add the warm guitar sounds. Makes it a little landscape to me. Like your other songs, there is a touch of freschnes in it, you are still exploring and wandering yet you know it all, already... ;) All the Best, FiloZ

ALiENPiG  (4 months ago)

Korguin absolutely beautiful, felt like I was i some kinda heaven. PEACE ;@)

Bath Mats
Bath Mats  (5 months ago)

Already said but i need to shout it :
"Little things" IS AWESOME MY FRIEND!!

Tiho  (6 months ago)

little things said ... wonderful song ... Love it!

Christopher Headmesser
Christopher Headmesser  (6 months ago)

ENJOYED, all the works they have that ENTICING CHEEKY VIBE drawing you on to the next. Keep it up CH

AJ CHRISTIAN BAND  (6 months ago)

enjoyed cornflake face nice work

October Road
October Road  (6 months ago)

Very cool blend of styles here: middle-eastern flavor mixed with pop beats, cool blues-based guitar riffs, and ambient sounds. Great music. Love vibe and sound of cornflake face..shared on Twitter. All the best! ~Jeff & Heather

Charlie Kelsey
Charlie Kelsey  (6 months ago)

Great Music. Glad to be a fan.