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Sur Rod / Comments

Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound
Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound  (1 day ago)

Diggin "Your some Kind of Drug" and "Sister Vain" super Cool tracks, Continued success my friend...Peace...Frontline

"da boi" derinho
"da boi" derinho  (1 day ago)

Rod… i'm just here stickin' "sister vain" in the mainline… ooooooooohh… love IS a drug… and sister vain is my fix… you always bring it… fact.. your huge fan, and good pal, da boi d

hilrant  (3 days ago)

love 4 yaa sur rod back to take in ya awesome and original cool rocking sounds=siater vain classic groove yeah!!! -LOVE YAA !! FROM HILRANT PANGAEAS PEOPLE /MUSEBOAT RADIO

Kim Guthrie
Kim Guthrie  (3 days ago)

"Sister Vain" is such a hot track, powerful vocals Rod, just having another listen!!

Jeremiah Ruiz
Jeremiah Ruiz  (5 days ago)

...I remember hearing your distinct creations back when i joined RN last year...I've been a fan from the start...a million thanks for your inspiring "true grit" sounds...honest always from start to finish...as music should be
my best

Howard Lawrence
Howard Lawrence  (6 days ago)

Sir "James Dean" Rod, the latch-key kid without a home, finds one in Nashville where he becomes the quintessential vamp hunter. He's gritty but smooth, old school but new wave. His punk attitude may create the illusionary hard veneer, but it's the lost child inside banging away at life's injustices that continues to speak the truth. "You're Some Kind of Drug" and "Sister Vain" are instant classics.

The Lizabeth Sessions
The Lizabeth Sessions  (7 days ago)

Back for a fix of "YOU'RE SOME KIND OF DRUG" tonight. The emotion you pour into your songs is what keeps us Sur Rod "addicts" coming back for more!
~Liz [The Lizabeth Sessions]

Mustang Corners
Mustang Corners  (7 days ago)

Hey Rod, dig your sound. You're Some Kind of Drug is a killer...love it!

Todd C. Stone
Todd C. Stone  (7 days ago)

its been too long since i was here last, enjoying your superlative gift for song as i type :)

Seven Days
Seven Days  (7 days ago)

Rockin' out with some crankin' guitar in "On Display" today!! AWESOME!!