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The Abbott Brothers / Comments

Desi  (over 2 years ago)

Okay, so I may be the oddest of Abbott Brothers fans. I've never seen them live but love their music. I live in Georgia with my adopted son, Erick, and a few years ago, when my son was still in high school, he began looking at videos of string musicians as he was interested in learning how to play the guitar and was taking lesson in piano. In his search for string musicians, he came across Kyle Abbott playing the mandolin. And then the Abbott Family playing as a group. Well, he loved their music but more so than that he loved watching the family be themselves, how the boys didn't wear shoes and were quirky, witty and seemed genuinely kind of heart. They didn't seem so angry like most the kids now-a-days with all the issues and problems with drugs. He convinced me to watch their videos with him. I didn't think I would find their little "vlog" entertaining but I did begin to watch.

For some reason, it was entertaining to us: a feeling of voyeurism but not as intruders but as invited guests to the home of neighbors who seemed to really love their life and each other. My son and I enjoyed their vlog so much, we subscribed and would even watch some videos each Saturday, which was movie night. Friends would come over for movie night and give us a look of absolute derision at our choice of warm-up video for the night's movie, but soon enough even the most apathetic of friends would succumb to the simplistic albeit overly nonconformist version of Rockwellian charm that is the Abbott Family, and by extension the talented Abbott Brothers. Their Vlog rarely got thousands of views but they were more endearing to us than many of the videos on YouTube that reach millions.

What ended up happening over the last years of my son's high school career was unintended: we continued to watch a vlog post every week; or if not the vlog itself, other videos by the Abbott family. My son grew up watching the brothers grow up and in the process, my adopted son and I bonded together over these videos. That's a powerful emotional bond to have for people you never will meet.

I'm black and my son is Mexican so this was most surprising to us that we could be so enthralled by the weekly adventures of some white people in California who taught and played bluegrass. The Abbott Brothers got bigger as we watched, becoming amazing musicians in their own right. I now LOVE bluegrass and so does my son because of these amazingly talented musicians. We have fun memories of watching the Abbotts: Papa's often low key wisdom, mama's loving nature and sweet spirit, Luke's thoughtfully apprehensive attitude his brothers antics and his beautiful voice, and Kyle's fun loving spirit which lit up the screen in every shot. I have to admit to my slight (healthy LOL) obsession with this musical clan for bringing to my life a form a music that comes to life when they play it.

I hope them continued success in their personal endeavors and their wonderful music. I hope they win awards and are recognized for being as talented as they clearly are. My son and I LOVE THEM dearly and hope them all the goodness they deserve. If you have a chance to book these wonderful guys, listen to them play or get them to teach you through their Toneway project how to play DO IT! Good music and good people like this are a rare thing now-a-days.