Christian John Band / Comments

Fernando Garcin
Fernando Garcin  (8 days ago)

Great songs, excellent guitars & vocal delivery. Lovin' 17 CENTS & Big Time!

Dave Joanes
Dave Joanes  (8 days ago)

CJB I like your style and the way you lean , enjoying a great showcase of musical styles .;)

TC Cross
TC Cross  (12 days ago)

That's why I always listen to bands a second time. I heard the first song last night was like. I need to hear more. So now I have and dude your talented and I feel you bro!

Guy Berthiaume
Guy Berthiaume  (15 days ago)

Cool songs, and a floating piano...!

Rose Lisa
Rose Lisa  (16 days ago)

What a sexy, smooth voice and great sounding guitar and drums! Catchy tunes. I especially like the groove of 17 CENTS.

Marco Akamawa
Marco Akamawa  (16 days ago)

mmmmmm... went back in time, looked around, returned to where i am, and happily decided that you've got your own style. This is exactly how much i like what you do. You've got a big fan here!

Jarrod Gawne and The Open Rays
Jarrod Gawne and The Open Rays  (18 days ago)

Great voice and gritty sound! Nice work!

Buzz Tremblay
Buzz Tremblay  (22 days ago)

Great tunes! Very original sounding work. Tracks are very professionally done! All The Best.....Buzz T.

Lyndsey Hands (was Cleaver)nick name Pepper!
Lyndsey Hands (was Cleaver)nick name Pepper!  (25 days ago)

Lovin this in New Zealand,xx

Matthew Cochran
Matthew Cochran  (28 days ago)

Great tunes Christian!