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John Starley Allen
John Starley Allen  (4 months ago)

Fantastic harmonies, incredible blending...loved the passion in I Won't Give Up. And We Need A little Christmas is pure genius...you've taken a great song to a whole new place!

Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith  (5 months ago)

wow really love you guys! your music is beautiful!
please check my music out aswell!

No Age Four
No Age Four  (5 months ago)

Beautiful songs. Thanks... a "little big Christmas" for all, Greetings from Rome

THE C.R. ECKER BAND  (5 months ago)

You are writing and performing Pop HITS. Wish you all the success you deserve. Charlie

Spirits Of Despair
Spirits Of Despair  (5 months ago)

Thanks for becoming a fan ! It's really comforting. Good day to you.

Thierry#601 of Spirits Of Despairs

Ashton Haze
Ashton Haze  (5 months ago)

Lego House- Wow, this is some great vocals. Everything is perfect. Very pleasant and radipo friendly. Cheers guys.

Paul Dunn and Julian Wilson Songwriters
Paul Dunn and Julian Wilson Songwriters  (5 months ago)

Great songs, vocals and instrumental performances here! P&J

Andrew Austin
Andrew Austin  (5 months ago)

Wishing you every success & thanks for the connection...;-)) Andrew

Sadie Blu
Sadie Blu  (5 months ago)

Love your vibe! Wishing you much joy and success along the way! I'll be listening. :o)

Latay  (5 months ago)

Eclipse - Great voices, harmonies and arrangements. Keep the hits coming! Latay