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Jeff Stetson / Comments

Julian Wilson
Julian Wilson  (8 months ago)

Hi Jeff,
You cheered me up - After a bit! lol
Great songwriting and cutting vocals! BIG production values! Jules

AnnMarie Fox
AnnMarie Fox  (8 months ago)

Great playing! I admire instrumentalists! <3

Beki Brindle & The Hotheads
Beki Brindle & The Hotheads  (8 months ago)

The Gift of Life on The Run .. beautiful! VERY cool music from you! Top notch!

Egmont Zumbroich
Egmont Zumbroich  (8 months ago)

It´s my pleasure to enjoy your great songs! Kind regards Egmont

Eva Rockin
Eva Rockin  (8 months ago)

Amazing,keep it up,I love it!!

Worhol  (8 months ago)

Great job! Keep it up and always write!

Buddy Greenfield
Buddy Greenfield  (8 months ago)

Thanks for fanning, Jeff. - We're enjoying the fantastic work on "The Rock" - Really enjoy the feel of this kind of song, brings to mind UFO's "Love to Love" among others.

Big Richie
Big Richie  (8 months ago)

This music is drenched with soul!
Really great music.

Tima Montemayor
Tima Montemayor  (8 months ago)

The Gift Of Life On The Run.... what a great song! I also enjoyed your videos :)

Snapped  (8 months ago)

Great song titles to go with the great music. Kudos from Snapped