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Jeff Stetson / Comments

Rose Lisa
Rose Lisa  (3 months ago)

Your songs have a timeless, classical quality that takes me back to my childhood memories.

Shmoe  (3 months ago)

Thanks for becoming friends with me on here. YOUR STUFF IS KILLER!!!

Strong_Armed_Robbery_Soldgers  (3 months ago)

Awesome man, you are a lyrical genius Stetson

Strong_Armed_Robbery_Soldgers  (3 months ago)

The NRA...ha ha Luv it man, so catchy , this could be a huge hit man, keep creating Mr. Stetson

MarzDaniels  (3 months ago)

Awesome music bro great work. I wish you much success in your days to come

PENTULTIMA  (3 months ago)

You rock man! Thanks for the support!

mackadamion  (3 months ago)

I like this vibe!! great work!!!
Thanks for the support
keep it up!!

DJ Antonio
DJ Antonio  (3 months ago)

Here I am enjoying my Saturday afternoon, while listening to your tunes.I really like what I am listening to!!
DJ Antonio

The Boulton Brothers Band
The Boulton Brothers Band  (3 months ago)

Hey.., Gooooood vibes here!!.......................

Please drop by again and have a listen to our playlist if you have time ,TBBB

On Ithenfal's Wing
On Ithenfal's Wing  (3 months ago)

Back and listening to The Rock - great song!