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Elena Lukina - EL / Comments

Nathalie  (6 months ago)

Incredible music! I zoned out with it playing and my mind snapped back, like "WHAT is this?!" and...it's you~
Thanks <3

Ahmed Hari
Ahmed Hari  (6 months ago)

Wonderful music!

Shazdar  (6 months ago)

Brother Beat and Sister Soul, we rub together our wings like singing crickets beneath the infinite firmament above, channeling the great Voice through our chirps. Dance, citizens of this Nation! Unleash the bellows and righteous eruptions that illuminate the quiet spark of sound!

Ahmed Mostafa
Ahmed Mostafa  (7 months ago)

i am really love what am listening to.

Tristan Alexander
Tristan Alexander  (7 months ago)

i love how relaxing yet upbeat siberian wind is. And of course you come on like syrup for the ears. Your violin playing is what makes your music come to life.

Madi White
Madi White  (7 months ago)

Wonderful music!

Tristan Alexander
Tristan Alexander  (7 months ago)

Latin Rose is pure genius.

Tristan Alexander
Tristan Alexander  (7 months ago)

hey, Latin Rose is gorgeous. Seriously, <3 latin rose.

Elana Luciana
Elana Luciana  (7 months ago)

Captivating and truly beautiful

Colin Crest
Colin Crest  (7 months ago)

OMG You are soo Cool! I was like freaking out you are soo good! I don;t even know what this music is called but I Love it!