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Le Murd / Comments

CRUSH  (over 2 years ago)

AWESOME!!!♥♥♥you guys ROCK!.....thanks for the fanship!♥

raised by dingoes
raised by dingoes  (over 2 years ago)

punk is "NOT" dead.it's alive and well and living in australia. you gotta be good cause my cat hides under the bed when i jam your stuff....thanx gentlemen.and i use that phrase loosely....dingoboy

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton  (over 2 years ago)

Thanks for your support folks, playing tracks this misty morning...:: Respect from the Boogie Bros in Scotland ::

Dani Dante
Dani Dante  (over 2 years ago)

GREAT music! keep up the good work! i fanned you! wish you a wonderful week! :D God Bless xoxo stay in touch:

Diamonah  (over 2 years ago)

You rock!!!!love the tunes!!!Awesome!

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton  (over 2 years ago)

Thanks for getting in touch, good for us and good for you too, as we ALWAYS support fellow performers www.facebook.com/pages/Lewis-Hamilton-and-the-Boogie-Brothers/138089276221616

Enoch. Arcane
Enoch. Arcane  (over 2 years ago)

~ Brilliant Artistry! Best Regards! Sean

mario pompetti
mario pompetti  (over 2 years ago)

thxs for the add,like your sounds,pass super day adios mario

ACID DEATH  (over 2 years ago)

Hello! Thank you for finding us! Fee free to hit a "Like" for us at our Facebook page too: http://www.facebook.com/AcidDeathGR

<~~~~~1315mo~~~~~>  (over 2 years ago)

thanx fam--and may i say u have sum very,,VERY,,interesting music yourself --i'm down--peace from .....1315