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LeonB. / Comments

Katsumi Yoshihara
Katsumi Yoshihara  (3 days ago)

Great sound !! I Liked, Followed & Subbed :)

Sur Rod
Sur Rod  (3 days ago)

Leon! I've just found my new party place! Really great selection of classics done in LeonB style! Ausgezeichnet mein Freund!!! ~ Rod

The M80s
The M80s  (3 days ago)

Hopping tracks! Great starter for my day.

DJ Antonio
DJ Antonio  (4 days ago)

Enjoying listening to such good music! Espectacular!!
DJ Antonio

C. Nidice
C. Nidice  (6 days ago)

Hey Leon thx a mill for da shout about my song! I havent heard from u in a while and I was hoping u were still on here doing ur thing bcuz I have been a big fan of ur music for a couple years now....Cheers

OZ -- Producer / Songwriter
OZ -- Producer / Songwriter  (13 days ago)

Cool ideas here! Would be awesome to work with you! Let me know if you could use Custom Royalty FREE music to your lyrics and melodies!

Yeast Infection
Yeast Infection  (15 days ago)

It got me goin! Also liked the Travolta video!

Massimo Ghianda
Massimo Ghianda  (16 days ago)

Great works. Beautiful music.

Tyrone  (18 days ago)

I like the energy in Never Fever. Great work on your art

Dj Guax
Dj Guax  (18 days ago)

Grooving your tunes LeonB! Let you know theres a new free download on my profile, just check it! hugs