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A Treacherous Foe!
A Treacherous Foe!  (about 1 month ago)

A Treacherous Foe! is seeking a vocalist. Clean with a little edge and maybe some growling but not a lot. Baritone to tenor ranger. Apply within.

THE TIMMYYZZZ  (9 months ago)

ausum tunes great sound heavy well done thanks for the support jeff c/o THE TIMMYYZZZ keep thrashin

A Treacherous Foe!
A Treacherous Foe!  (about 2 years ago)

As of today I am no longer a Megadeth fan. For 20 years I have loved Megadeth's music & image & have even used its influence to write many songs of my own. I have always defended Dave against those that say Metallica is better simply because they are not. Dave has always been a much better artist both musically & conceptually. I will no longer be a Megadeth fan, encourage others to be a Megadeth fan or ever spend a drop of money that I think may end up in the hands of Megadeth or Dave Mustaine.

Why you ask? Because of his endorsement of Rick Santorum. I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I may be called a liberal in some ways & conservative in others, but like most Americans I am simply a moderate that enjoys peace & accountability. Rick Santorum has routinely stated that particular groups of Americans are not fit to share the rights & liberties embodied in the constitution, such as gays & Muslims & Americans of Latin American descent. Rick Santorum has also said that "if a few Iranian nuclear scientists end up dead ... well I think that is a wonderful thing" ... effectively endorsing the murder of one nation's private citizens by the clandestine organizations of another without notice or provocation. He has called for the violation of the sovereignty of any nation that has leadership that is not allied with America & the flat out removal of Hugo Chavez (a man loved & repeatedly re-elected freely by his people as I hear it from the mouths of people I am friends with in Venezuela) and is opposed to talking with any nation he designates an "enemy" unless they comply with all American demands first.

Rick Santorum is a fascist of the first order & a bigot & if Dave Mustaine thinks he'd make a good leader for America then I will have nothing more to do with Dave Mustaine. As far as I see it, this endorsement is a betrayal of everything Megadeth has ever stood for & really makes me feel that Megadeth was not artistic expression at all, but a sales pitch … to a target genre … in the interest of making money. Thanks for the slap in the face Dave.