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dUm1 and the uncommon senses
dUm1 and the uncommon senses  (about 1 month ago)

sick flows!
thanks for becoming a fan!

Starch Monkey
Starch Monkey  (2 months ago)

Back again to listen to some more music. Hope your Monday is going well.

Chuck Fletcher
Chuck Fletcher  (2 months ago)

Some great jamming beats. "Puffy Le Smoke" is the coolest song title ever. Keep laying the jams!!

Steve Inglis
Steve Inglis  (2 months ago)

No doubt about it.....you have it. You are very good.
What a marvellous world that produces talent like yours. Your better than half the stuff that out there. WONDERFUL and intelligent.

michael c. matthews
michael c. matthews  (3 months ago)

I FEEL YOU! REAL TALK! One Love Michael (MoneyMike$)

maryjanerobi  (3 months ago)

Keep it flowing
Let's connect

Dukakis People
Dukakis People  (4 months ago)

Happy New Year to ya SN!!!

Deep Kho-kho
Deep Kho-kho  (4 months ago)

Baby boy is ON POINT!

Dyo Produce Beat
Dyo Produce Beat  (4 months ago)

Dope Sound!! Thanks for Becoming and Fan. Lack Luster is Dope!! Keep grinding

Drew Witty
Drew Witty  (4 months ago)

Im feeling that yo...good shit...Peace...DW-