They Made Monsters / Comments

EverythingManBand  (9 months ago)

I came back spreading the news of this mega band on many friends tweet tweets incredible trip hop like sound! Ronald L J@ck1

Sonia Isabelle
Sonia Isabelle  (9 months ago)

But for the thirst is truly brilliant guys! Amazing !! Sonia :D

DJ Antonio
DJ Antonio  (9 months ago)

good work here! greetings from Valencia spain DJA ;)

John Moukarzel
John Moukarzel  (9 months ago)

Cool stuff! JM

Joe Jaunty™ Streetmusician
Joe Jaunty™ Streetmusician  (9 months ago)

But for the thirst is brilliant! Excellent lyrics - mixing hiphop with alternative works like a hand in-a-glove. ThankYou for filling my thirst!

EverythingManBand  (9 months ago)

This is good what I have wanted to hear and prompts me to hit a little bit harder in my coming message as is it similar. And that is on Stir Things excellent production oooooooooh in the middle of it the change up excellent I will say new genre.. Ronald L Jack Baptist of Everythingmanband.. You have a a new fan!

Madi White
Madi White  (9 months ago)

Cool tracks! Thanks for connecting!

EP Emsley
EP Emsley  (9 months ago)

'But for the Thirst' is an outstanding track. Great arrangements and vocals!

EP Emsley
EP Emsley  (9 months ago)

Thanks for the kind comments and support Steve! Showing some love and support back while enjoying your unique tracks ... Keep on keepin' on.

Ashleigh Ashton
Ashleigh Ashton  (9 months ago)

Great tracks! Wishing you the best!