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Altynay / Comments

Depeche Mode REMIXES
Depeche Mode REMIXES  (11 months ago)

Nice tracks here.. Hugs

Jackal On Tha Beats
Jackal On Tha Beats  (12 months ago)

ms lady I cut for your music keep up the good work

Anchorage Alaska
Anchorage Alaska  (12 months ago)

Excellent music

Will Dockery
Will Dockery  (12 months ago)

Hello Altynay!

Dr Phill
Dr Phill  (12 months ago)

I love your music we need to tour

JMOYA  (12 months ago)

Altynay, amazed and captivated by your enormous voice and talent. Great performance.

Paulo Cesa Teo
Paulo Cesa Teo  (12 months ago)

Hello Miss. Altynay, good your work, listen and enjoy me my work too, thank you!

Chuck Brunicardi
Chuck Brunicardi  (12 months ago)

What a beautiful voice Altynay. "Miss You" is a gem. Wishing you the best...

Erwin Pempelfort
Erwin Pempelfort  (12 months ago)

Nice music. Congratulations.. ERWIN

Erwin Pempelfort
Erwin Pempelfort  (12 months ago)

Nice music here.. Hugs ERWIN