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Charlie Bonnet III / Comments

Oliver DeRIE
Oliver DeRIE  (14 days ago)

LOVE IT ! Best discovery I've made so far on RN. Good classic southern rock as I like it. Keep on rocking, please !

Yung Tauruz
Yung Tauruz  (about 1 month ago)

9 bucks An hour goes hard, keep. It up man.

Karen Tennison
Karen Tennison  (about 1 month ago)

Loved "Born at the Wrong Time!" Keep up the good work! Cheers, Karen.

RENESUNCHI LA MAYA  (about 1 month ago)

great to listen * was enjoying a loootttt... :) * hello from Chicago , il

Sam Thompson
Sam Thompson  (about 1 month ago)

keeping it real thats how i feel and rocking it with the sounds and beats of charlie Bonnete
III .keep on keeping on.

Laura Ainsworth
Laura Ainsworth  (2 months ago)

Terrific Southern rock songs,and I love your Skynryd-style twin guitar lines! Perfect Saturday night party music! xox - Laura A.

King Crab
King Crab  (2 months ago)

Your music is EXACTLY what I grew up on, I drum like, and write songs from the attitude angle. Dig the sound, mix, and vocal. THIS is the style of music I dig my drum chops into. Good stuff, Confused is so good - reminds me of a situation when I played in Dallas with Rocky Athas in Lightning in the mid 70's - one night a 'confused wife' caught a confused singer, LOL! Was great! Like your song - true stuff.

Soul Of Earl
Soul Of Earl  (2 months ago)

Household Name sounds like Georgia Satellites...but way better!

Tyrone  (2 months ago)

Love the energy and lyrics behind your 'You got me confused' track. Keep up the good work. Maybe we can collaborate on a track or event. Just showing you some love from N. Carolina. Returning the love.

HauntedGypsy  (3 months ago)

You've Got Me Confused really combines country and rock well. I could see both country fans and rock fans liking this song.