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ILLusiv3  (2 months ago)

thanks for the support ,your music sounds great im listening now keep up the great work & be sure to stop back i will be posting new beats this week ,Peace!!! iLLusiv3

louis lebeck
louis lebeck  (2 months ago)

enjoying your great sounds this morning

KANIZ  (2 months ago)

Hey John, your music is very sweet and has a lot of soul. Keep working that way. We are also happy that you have enjoyed our work. Success in what's next and blessings

Maryjanerobi Originals
Maryjanerobi Originals  (2 months ago)

Liked your music. Keep up the good work.

Dan Rift
Dan Rift  (2 months ago)

Very likeable music! Goooood work!

Glenn  Peterhansen/The Effangee Band
Glenn Peterhansen/The Effangee Band  (2 months ago)

Really like your songs, great hooks and harmonies !!

7beatstreet/Dan Albury
7beatstreet/Dan Albury  (3 months ago)

real cool guitar and vocals, enjoyed!

louis lebeck
louis lebeck  (3 months ago)

great songs and words glad to be a fan

Geidy Gomez
Geidy Gomez  (3 months ago)

Nice music, keep up the good work!

zoot  (3 months ago)

Nice songs John
i like your voice
great music