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Jimi Gilbert
Jimi Gilbert  (22 days ago)

Wow that's some great stuff ya got there John. Sounds real good..

Speirosmusic  (24 days ago)

Outside My Door...I looked at the lyrics first, and thought to myself "This will be great stuff", and sure enough you played it and sang it brilliantly. Good song mate. Keep up the good work.

Arthur Arapov
Arthur Arapov  (27 days ago)

Thanks for the connection! Very nice!
Good luck in life and music!

Michele Botel
Michele Botel  (28 days ago)

Thank you for your wonderful comments on my profile! What a great sound you have ~ Wow! I wish I could play guitar like that. And the harmonies are perfectly blended. Outstanding work!

Colette O'Connor
Colette O'Connor  (28 days ago)

Enjoying "Outside My Door", except it's stuck in my head now! Smiles, Colette

Carl Sooley
Carl Sooley  (28 days ago)

Really enjoying your songs. Great writing and guitar work. Thanks for connecting.

Chemical Gunns
Chemical Gunns  (28 days ago)

Congrats, #1! I'm a big fan of those lyrics :)

Gerald Harris
Gerald Harris  (29 days ago)

really like outside my door great track and song
very original stuff great to hear these days talented writing

T.W. Arnhold
T.W. Arnhold  (29 days ago)

Hi John. Really enjoyed Don't Say It's Over. Thanks for the music.


Matthew Wall
Matthew Wall  (about 1 month ago)

Nice guitar and song writing! Great works!