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Joe Lyell
Joe Lyell  (11 days ago)

I never just hear a first track when I give a listen but I have to say Outside my door is really good to me man. You sound good brother. Joe

Embers From Cremation
Embers From Cremation  (13 days ago)

Very good music! Keep it up!

Laura Ainsworth
Laura Ainsworth  (15 days ago)

You remind me of the early Elvis Costello, especially on "Dinnertime for the LOL Youth." That's a great song. And "Outside My Door" is wonderful. Fantastic songwriting, and your vocals and guitar work are excellent, too. Wish pop radio sounded like this!

Dina Preston Band "Ambassadors of Goodwill"
Dina Preston Band "Ambassadors of Goodwill"  (16 days ago)

We're enjoying "Outside My Door" on our RN playlist. Keep up the inspiration John! Cheers, DPB

STRANGER  (18 days ago)

Your songs are uplifting. Great vocal work!

Greater Nowhere
Greater Nowhere  (18 days ago)

Excellent tracks!
Thanks for giving us a follow! Always happy to add support!

Donna Lynn
Donna Lynn  (19 days ago)

Excellent vocals, John! Enjoyed listening to your work. Thank you, too, for your kind words. Good luck to you! All the best, Donna Lynn

tigerlady  (19 days ago)

perfect as yesterday :)

Dimitrios Kyriakopoulos
Dimitrios Kyriakopoulos  (19 days ago)

Great music. Excellent work. " Outside my door " - Awesome. All the best - Dimitrios

Rose and Ben
Rose and Ben  (20 days ago)

Hi John.........Dropping by to say thank you for listening and to see what's new on your site..................... Rose and Ben