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Frownz / Comments

JACTOWN PRODUCTIONS  (12 months ago)

nice songs my dude, keep the hits comin and stay in touch peace

The Lost Will Follow
The Lost Will Follow  (12 months ago)

the new video is awesome. Who did it?

Shock Nation
Shock Nation  (12 months ago)

Good video bro!
Thanks for the support!

Seth  (12 months ago)

whatup..I enjoyed the video and song..nice -

Serundal  (12 months ago)

Cool music. Good thing you're doing for Amy. Celtic blessings to you

SpEnt fiXer
SpEnt fiXer  (12 months ago)

Awesome, Frownz! You're very musical. Very good lyricist. Bravo!

GOH  (12 months ago)

u up and coming 4 sure keep it up real nice!!!!!!!

Eva Rivera-Ferrell
Eva Rivera-Ferrell  (12 months ago)

Returning the luv and will do!! :-)

The Jasmine Fetish
The Jasmine Fetish  (12 months ago)

Universal Blessings to you & Amy! Thank you for stopping by & showing love! :)

Avalonne  (12 months ago)

I checked out your video - excellent work!! Great music here and I love your unique voice. Thanks for your support!!