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ÐJ JùStìñ™
ÐJ JùStìñ™  (9 months ago)

great music n awsom sound just love it <3
LiOnZ D.J.

Sergio Elisondo
Sergio Elisondo  (9 months ago)

Sounds great! Keep up the great work!

la pillos maracas noise
la pillos maracas noise  (9 months ago)

Playing and digging!!! Great Style!!

Jenna Lynne
Jenna Lynne  (9 months ago)

Alive or Dead is sweet and touching.

The Southsea Music Society
The Southsea Music Society  (9 months ago)

Nice vibes :)

Elton Hazel
Elton Hazel  (9 months ago)

Hey bro, just returnin' the love from Miami... nice music...

Drew$ki Sosa
Drew$ki Sosa  (9 months ago)

congrats to your current success. stop by and peep some fire beats if ya curiosity leads you to see

Pearl Black
Pearl Black  (9 months ago)

I love my UK brothers!!! And this one...is a favorite of mine !!! Great sounds with awesome lyrics!!! LIVE IT!!!!

Quintessential  (9 months ago)

Very unique sound, just love it!

Saazoona  (9 months ago)

I just did