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RL Lewis
RL Lewis  (8 months ago)

You're soundin' good. Thanks for the support!!

DRG  (8 months ago)

Grimey sounds over here, stay grindin!

venil  (8 months ago)

that was very special tribute. i LOVE me some amywinehouse. my very first live performance i sung 'he can only hold her' I regret i never met her. Much love to your music. I love your flow. Keep up the great work Frownz. ;)

Randy Caserta
Randy Caserta  (8 months ago)

Frownz Keep doing what you're doing, you know Amy would have wanted that. I think you're vid and song is a fitting tribute to her. All the best.

One Way Closer
One Way Closer  (8 months ago)

I love your style and creativity...Brilliant

Marek Starx
Marek Starx  (8 months ago)

Frownz, both video & song "Alive or Dead" are really great! It's always very sad when young talents like Amy pass away. "Back To Black" is one of my favourite songs.

616  (8 months ago)

very cool video. cool jams as well. rock on!

Nemesis De Catalyst
Nemesis De Catalyst  (8 months ago)

Great tribute to Amy. Love the vibe on Holla at me. You're up & coming bro! Thanks for the link.

American.No.Name.  (8 months ago)

Nice Video Bro Great Flow And Swag...... Amy Would Love It... .....American.No.Name.

Zeskiouss  (8 months ago)

Very good job! Cheers.....