Endre Karbiner / Comments

Chuck Brunicardi
Chuck Brunicardi  (2 months ago)

"Jazz Medley" masterful jazz guitar Endre. Love your cuts and style. All the best from LA.

Michaels Elevator
Michaels Elevator  (6 months ago)

Very nice guitar work, sounds like some looping, I do looping with Boomerang, wow I'm a fan, II could listen all day if I had time

Ron Hibdon
Ron Hibdon  (9 months ago)

great guitar work!

Stephanie Lee
Stephanie Lee  (10 months ago)

Fabulous guitar work in all styles. You're very talented. :)

Tracey Whitney
Tracey Whitney  (11 months ago)

Beautiful music!

Jennifer Renee
Jennifer Renee  (11 months ago)

absolutely beautiful work and brilliant mix of genres. exquisite!!!

Georgina Taylor
Georgina Taylor  (11 months ago)

NIce music Endre. Lovely to meet you xo

CharlieMartin  (11 months ago)

WoW Just that, brilliant , wish I had the fingers to play like this.

Andrew James Hymel
Andrew James Hymel  (12 months ago)

Nice playing, tone and delivery! It's the real deal......

Carmen Amoros
Carmen Amoros  (12 months ago)

Andre, Andre, Andre...How did you know I LOVE BOSSA NOVA! Love it. Truly beauttiful work. Your guitar is magical! Keep it up. Need some more!