Lefty Blues Band / Comments

Joseph Fly
Joseph Fly  (2 months ago)

Fantastic music.

LARCENY  (2 months ago)

Good music here - enjoyed to listen!
Thanks for your support!
Many greetings from Germany,

Jeffrey Whitman
Jeffrey Whitman  (2 months ago)

Yes Sir, "All For You" ! on this Wednesday playlist ! Blues, Blues, Blues !

Virginia Grey
Virginia Grey  (4 months ago)

Very nice lovely sound!!

THE WORKERS  (5 months ago)

"Cup" immediately reminds me of The Dead. It's got a cozy down-home feel. The lead guitar has a Garcia touch.

Chuck Vaughn & A Cast of Hundreds
Chuck Vaughn & A Cast of Hundreds  (5 months ago)

Hey folks, that's some music that's near and dear to my heart. Being from Atlanta, My brother and I played this sound, for a mighty long time playing High schools, Bars, Enlisted Mens and Officers clubs and any where else we could get work. This is a mighty good sound.
You being from Fl., you know about East Coast Beach. Check out Tell Me You Will.
Pease and Love 4evr.
Chuck Vaughn

Tokin' Blues Band
Tokin' Blues Band  (5 months ago)

very cool laid back feel listening to Tamarino Moon love the horn and harmonica work. BTW thank you taking time out to listen to our music, please like our face book page and follow us on twitter and you tube and sound cloud. we will return the favor. thanks again great stuff

Beki Brindle & The Hotheads
Beki Brindle & The Hotheads  (5 months ago)

Wow.. I love this music! Really old world rootsy.. love every song!! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful instrumentation and vocals!

EYE 2 EYE  (5 months ago)

"Tamarindo Moon" is absolutely awesome my friend ! It's a perfect track !
We do wish you all the best from Paris

Greg Stevenson
Greg Stevenson  (5 months ago)

Masterful performances, writing and arrangements. Sounds awesome! Wish you all the very best!