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DIRTNAP / Comments

{Rage ♥f Angels}™
{Rage ♥f Angels}™  (10 months ago)

3 reasons Troy. In one day I got so bombarded with posts, One was Like DN= The Other was Like Aladdin- Then the world famous dead guy. ect. When I already was part of your Dirtnap support from the beginning. It kinda baffled me. Then I started to think, I sent you a Like post almost a year agp to add to the ROA page, and got no response. So I am torqued about that. The door should swing both ways on that deal. Biut it didn't. And the last reason was really what got me, was your last message read whats up Fuk? You have a Band, or new project? When I just explained a couple weeks prior. And you didn't remember I'm guessing? I said I had been by Epic, which I didn't know was still around, and RCA out in Hollyweird. And a Marketing Agency. That is looking at buying the rights to "I Wonder why".. So to answer your question Is yes I have a group, and my plan is to get into a big studio, rather then record myself, like prior years. Get a well polished album together containing all new material, out of the 40 new tunes I have written. Since I write everything and play everything but the drums, It doesn't matter who I have in the band for which gigs. It depends on the persons obligations to their other projects, their spouses, and familys. I'm pplugging people in where ever and when ever nessesary. This is My thing, and I will do what it takes to get this shit to fly. I'm sure, and I already know, that a couple of the guys I go into the studio with, wont be going on the road. They haven't said it, But Nobodt is reliable. And I have learned in the past. To have plan A. B. and C. Cuz its part of the Business. My Group of guys are ready to play anytime, and anywhere, But I'm not doin free B's anymore.. Too Much hassle, for no return. And if things work out. That will be out of my hands anyways. I just want to sing and work on Vocals, and lyrics. That's it,, But like you, You carry the weight on your shoulders for your band, and then some. That's why I have had a appreciation for you. I think you're a kewl mtha fucker. But since I stopped drinken. I don't like getting dissed, or repeating myself. I'm gradually dying, and my time is too short unfortunately. And I just felt it was a one way street to show the minor support for Dirtnap, and not to get the same stupid FB support for ROA. Kinda torqued Me. Cuz I always thought, you guys do your thing, and I'll do mine, and if I could get a solid financial and label backing, to return the favor for you Troy. Maybe I wasn't ever clear on that? D.

Dirtnap Arizona
Dirtnap Arizona  (12 months ago)

Split his head, Too much Free Tequilla...:)

David Darick
David Darick  (over 1 year ago)

Not a bad gig last night at the Tumbstone airport but by the way how's your singers head feeling?LOL Must be sore taking a head dive in the gravel like that!!!!!

Skarred Kage
Skarred Kage  (about 2 years ago)

Sounding great on Reverbnation today!
If you have time listen to my music and fan me back.
Alex Skarred Kage