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Ashton Haze / Comments

Cento  (3 months ago)

Listening to your powerful Trans Electro Motion, cool drums and superb rocking guitar & vocals as well!

Sharp-I Entertainment Funk Division
Sharp-I Entertainment Funk Division  (3 months ago)

Solid material. Enjoyed listening. It was my pleasure.

MikeWhitePresents  (3 months ago)

Always happy to support your excellent musical project and load you up into my Tuesday afternoon listening session. have yourself a fantastic week ahead too!

Music By KanD
Music By KanD  (4 months ago)

I'm listening to BATTLE CRY - Rock Out! I likes that!

THAYER 81 Original Songs
THAYER 81 Original Songs  (4 months ago)

And a rockstar good morning to you..

K Will
K Will  (4 months ago)

What's up Greg.....love the Amy tune...you knew I would!!!!!

Steve Bonino
Steve Bonino  (4 months ago)

Came back to hear Ashton's unique take on rock. Well done!

Massimo Ghianda
Massimo Ghianda  (4 months ago)

I love your music. Very good tracks and great voice.

B-Vile  (4 months ago)

Killer tunes man and great voice! Much love from Canada! B Vile

DiLee (Diana Lee)
DiLee (Diana Lee)  (4 months ago)

Angelic Hope ~ rock on my friend! Cool...