Keep the Change / Comments

Madi White
Madi White  (19 days ago)

Love your sound!

The Glumsters
The Glumsters  (3 months ago)

Hi there;)

Great new track!!

keep up the good work guys;)

Slooky  (4 months ago)

nice song that Mary-Lou

NICK MONAGHAN  (8 months ago)

40 nights -- coo one that ----

Rose Lisa
Rose Lisa  (8 months ago)

I'm loving your Indie Rock sound. So young and talented you are. Solid drum beats, great guitar work and singing, too!

Before The Story Ends
Before The Story Ends  (8 months ago)

Mega cool, can't believe you are only 15. Awesome pop/punk rock songs! Your songwriting is so mature! Listened to strange, love the vocals especially.

BURNING RED SUN  (9 months ago)

Greetings from BRS..... Good sound...nice tracks...keep it going !!

Howard Lawrence
Howard Lawrence  (9 months ago)

Very bright future. Smooth, catchy sound. Polished.

Steven Thomson
Steven Thomson  (9 months ago)

Fuck yes!!! You have a new fan!..Your music is pretty bad ass! Keep up the great work! Awesome guitar riffs+Sweet vocals+Harmonies+Rockin lyrics=I gotta listen again :-)

Jerry's Bones
Jerry's Bones  (9 months ago)

Sounds AWESOME! Diggin' it!