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Matthew Martinek / Comments

mohnysh  (10 months ago)

i dont have that much to comment bt ur songs matthew but i m fans of urs ur songs always inspiration for me . ur my model & love ur songs , ur stylish man love to follow u

J.O.A.  (10 months ago)

"Near Dawn"...Excellent song!!
Great Talent!!

Best Regards~

Zilt  (10 months ago)

Among all the songs that I have heard so far -they are all brilliant products - , Distance From The Norm is an absolute killer ! Really good . All the Best, ZiLT (Philo )

Michael L. McKinley
Michael L. McKinley  (11 months ago)

As always, the most amazing work, my friend !!!

Tiho  (11 months ago)

Really great opus Matthew ... varied and executed in the manner of great master! Truly a great talent :)

Auriemma  (11 months ago)

Brilliant work.

hilrant  (11 months ago)

hilrant here celebrating the genius of matthew martinek-too many cool tunes to pick a favourite-tho' " venus rose " left me wanting more!!

Natalie Perdu
Natalie Perdu  (11 months ago)

That was an ahem interesting last post. What I meant to say is that you seem to have a kaleidoscopic range of methods of musical expression and I am interested in the interaction between state of mind and your music process.

Natalie Perdu
Natalie Perdu  (11 months ago)

Martin, how does your emotional state of mind interact with the song writing process?

Nagasus  (11 months ago)

I think.. You are great, making various genre. Today i found great collaboration on "Chemical" and groovy touch on "Until Tomorrow".. Must stop by and listen for new fan! Cool man!! I loved it!