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Autumn Zero
Autumn Zero  (5 months ago)

Autumn Zero is returning to the Rutledge in Nashville, TN Nov 17th. Use this link to purchase advance tickets and save three dollars off door price. Hope to see you at the show!!

BadgerStatic  (6 months ago)

Cool sound and writing!

PJ Steelman
PJ Steelman  (9 months ago)

Hey y'all, good stuff. Enjoying this up in Bristol, VA!

Devin Renee
Devin Renee  (9 months ago)

Awesome country! Best of luck to you!

Eddie Ray Franks Jr
Eddie Ray Franks Jr  (10 months ago)

Wishing much success with your music. Eddie Ray

Lisa Barnhill Kennedy
Lisa Barnhill Kennedy  (about 1 year ago)

Love your music!

Paul Robert Thomas
Paul Robert Thomas  (about 1 year ago)

Loving your great sounds!
Wishing you good luck all the best from Paul:)!

Dixie Republic
Dixie Republic  (about 1 year ago)

Paul thanks a lot. Maybe we will cross paths someday and do a little jamming together. Dixie Republic

Tara Tinsley
Tara Tinsley  (about 1 year ago)

Wow, I love your music. You totally rock.

Dixie Republic
Dixie Republic  (about 1 year ago)

Tara, you keep persevering, and you will make it. Maybe we can help write some of your songs. Dixie Republic

Dixie Republic
Dixie Republic  (about 1 year ago)

Thank you Ginger. It looks like you are doing some great things. We would love to talk to you about some possibilities.

Ginger Harris Hensley
Ginger Harris Hensley  (about 1 year ago)

Sorry I appreciate Gina for turning me on to his boys!