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Art Lip
Art Lip  (3 days ago)

Thank you and welcome :)

Michael Christopher
Michael Christopher  (3 days ago)

Thanks for becoming a fan. Listened to IT HAPPENS. Great song. Will be listening to more.

Joe DeSiro
Joe DeSiro  (3 days ago)

Hi Conny, My name is Joe DeSiro, I'm a Finger-Style Guitarist and I really enjoy watching and listening to the Band's Videos

RED CADILLAC GANG  (2 days ago)

Hi Jo...thanks for your comment... I have an ask....we must record our new CD...but we have a big problem....our guitarist has broken his arm, he recently had a car accident and can no longer play for extended periods of time ... we are looking for a finger part style guitarist would be willing record our songs for that reason. Would you be willing to do this for us ? and how much we would have to pay? Greetings Conny Martin by RCG

Suzanna Kay
Suzanna Kay  (8 days ago)

I have just one thing to say about you ,,,, Awesomeness!
Absolutely !

Fairy Dust
Fairy Dust  (8 days ago)

Gran sound....Grazie del supporto.
I miei migliori auguri.

Jude Kaine
Jude Kaine  (8 days ago)

Much love! Jude.

Nick Edmonds
Nick Edmonds  (8 days ago)

Great music! Love the country sound. You sure got it right! Keep it coming. Thank you for your support too.

It's A Trade Thing
It's A Trade Thing  (9 days ago)

You guys have a great sound really appreciate your tunes. Thanks for the appreciating our music as well. :)

Lady Purple
Lady Purple  (10 days ago)

Luv Purple Rain!!Your music is awesome!!

THE TIMMYYZZZ  (11 days ago)

fantastic music great sound /style / nice vocs well done enjoying listening thanks for the support right back at ya jeff c/o THE TIMMYYZZZ