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TheFiddlah  (3 months ago)

Great old school rock my friend! I can hear the Dylan influence clearly. Just goes to prove that good Ole rock never dies. Ty for the kind fan my friend and I'm pleased to return the gesture! Play On and Peace as always~! Fid

MikeWhitePresents  (3 months ago)

fantastic raw power and emotion to your music here bro..really love how intense and chaotic the "thrill has gone" joint becomes...really heart-shredding performance..and very groovy mania and twisty filtered drum beats for "slay the giant"..just lovin all that distortion!

Howard Lawrence
Howard Lawrence  (5 months ago)

"Late at Night" = serious blues. I smell the booze on her breath too... Cheers!

DestinationDawn  (11 months ago)

Needed a good dose of some great blues and knew exactly where to get it!!! Enjoyin "Short Fuse Blues" Best Wishes!!! :]

hiway420.com  (11 months ago)

Here in Detroit loving "Short Fuse Blues"! Nice tune!

The Courtesans Official
The Courtesans Official  (11 months ago)

Great vocals

Skinny Boy Cotton
Skinny Boy Cotton  (11 months ago)

Hey D, love what you're doing. Enjoyed listening, especially Short Fuse Blues.

Johnny & The Fabulous Bakery Boys
Johnny & The Fabulous Bakery Boys  (about 1 year ago)

this is what its all about! thanks David. Cheers Johnny

Jerome Randall
Jerome Randall  (about 1 year ago)

Hi D! nice work man!!!! I love your music!

Stacy Brooks
Stacy Brooks  (about 1 year ago)

D!!! Thank you so much!! I'm digging your style!!!