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Jed McConkey / Comments

Ricky Alan Ray
Ricky Alan Ray  (4 months ago)

Oh yeah Jed! I just found you and I'm enjoying your tunes. All the best to you and your music!

Jeffrey Whitman
Jeffrey Whitman  (4 months ago)

"The Dawning" ! "Excellent Music, front to back !

Massimo Ghianda
Massimo Ghianda  (4 months ago)

Really great great soundtracks man!

qollop  (4 months ago)

Hi Jed.
Superb pieces, tight as a nut. Stunning arrangements and production. Best wishes.

Maybe  (4 months ago)

Turned on, tuned in and listened to Chemical Salvation - this is good, man...
maybe me

PROTOTYP  (4 months ago)

Many thanks for befriending/fanning me here on Reverbnation, much appreciated! Keep up the good work and much success for the future! Musical greetings from Adrian Iowa Mastermind of the German Band PROTOTYP

Edward Boland
Edward Boland  (4 months ago)

Hey Jed, just dropped by to listen to some of the fantastic McConkey music :) , can't thank you enough for your inspiration down through :)

MikeWhitePresents  (5 months ago)

It's a frantic Monday as we all busy ourselves with various promotions for our new single "2AM" out today (why not bury deep in the pockets for $1 and get yerself a copy over at iTunes??). But thankfully, the studio is booming with your tunes and we're grateful for the distraction! Thanks for the friendship, and we hope you can help to tell the world about our awesome new song (did I mention it's available at iTunes??). Toodle-Pip!!

MikeWhitePresents  (6 months ago)

Thanks for the fantastic music today Jed. Remember, it's because of the drive and perseverance of indie artists like you, that fans like me find it so easy to support you and spread the word. Have a soulful, groovin good Wednesday!

Steve Zuwala
Steve Zuwala  (6 months ago)

Greats tunes!