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Robo (RB)
Robo (RB)  (8 months ago)

whaddup brodie just check your work. I see you making noise. Real recognize real. Keep that shit popping brodie. I followed ya movement on twitter please return the fav. by following me @robomuzik and liking the fan page at facebook.com/itisrobo! Good looking in advance brodie.

EverythingManBand  (8 months ago)

Stopping by to hear something new again and I hear and what I hear is hmmm good well I think there are greater words than good. Try excellente.. Peace my brothers.

Chiko  (8 months ago)

Style is good man shit sound good..dunno wat u say but its catchy. keep it on lock

lil.gu gudrun
lil.gu gudrun  (8 months ago)

Oh please don't make me cry- you almost managed- where is my best best friend?!
mein Sonnenschein!

Rose Lisa
Rose Lisa  (8 months ago)

Catchy beats and great rhyme flow!

SIPE Star Studio.
SIPE Star Studio.  (8 months ago)

good shit dunn got that info , yeh we c u
reppin sir. one music fam SIPE 1

Shi~LythaL  (8 months ago)

Slidin thru 2 leave sum of that raw Jersey luv in ya spot!! Keep rockin' out...Don't eva stop!! Peeeace~~follow us @ABZOLUTLAYDEZ~~

Marcie Mycroft
Marcie Mycroft  (8 months ago)

Your music transcends language barriers. I don't speak German but I get the feeling and emotion in your music and you have a great mix of happy and sad. Best, MM

The Midnight Waltz
The Midnight Waltz  (8 months ago)

great tunes and a great sound ..all the best for 2013 from over here in liverpool UK

SIPE Star Studio.
SIPE Star Studio.  (8 months ago)

dope fam, good looks on the info on your LP
bless up fam