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nancy-ann michaud / Comments

Phil Greer
Phil Greer  (6 months ago)

Great songs and singing Nancy-Ann! Enjoyed listening tonight. Great passion and unique style!

MikeWhitePresents  (6 months ago)

It's great to be back, and a joy to know the music here is gonna keep us going for the rest of Friday..now if I can just hope the vacuum cleaner bag doesn't burst again! Hope the weekend ahead brings noodles of top musical musings!

Greg Grant
Greg Grant  (6 months ago)

Great songs!

Laura Taylor Whitfield
Laura Taylor Whitfield  (6 months ago)

your need to be gone ditty is lovely//you are the new jewel..raw, real and sweet..
i will stop back to listen to all, catching up from an extreme winter..might be a song in all this??
light out GIRL

Michael Lucking
Michael Lucking  (6 months ago)

Nancy-ann you are very talented. I enjoyed listening to your songs. It's too hard to pick out a favorite. You are awesome.

The Hawk Son
The Hawk Son  (6 months ago)

Excellent music!! cool sound!! great job! The Hawk Son is present here from Colombia to support you!! visit our site and press “I Like” www.facebook.com/thehawksonband and you can watch our video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xitMBQJ7Xj0&noredirect=1

Franky Red Cloud
Franky Red Cloud  (6 months ago)

Dear cousin from Montreal : much emotion in yours songs :-)

X-Day  (6 months ago)

Great vocals!!!! Love your vibe. X Day

Tyson Webber
Tyson Webber  (6 months ago)

Great voice and tunes! Definitely can hear some Jewel in there! Keep up the good music!

BradleyQ  (6 months ago)

blushing sometimes leads to water in the eyes: at the joy inside when music is felt and received by the many in love....with....music as it writes you.
And one can hear this love in Nancy-Ann's songs...
as it....the music....writes her.