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Joe Jaunty™ Streetmusician
Joe Jaunty™ Streetmusician  (9 months ago)

Found myself idling again. 1500 rpm standard carburator (probably a Holley 650cfm) - seems like it´s running wild @ 6500! Damn that song - now I will certainly crash!

Art Lip
Art Lip  (10 months ago)

Farmers + Devils: excellent combination and a little Residents-ial ;)
That's what I needed today ;)
I wish you a good week :)

Joe Jaunty™ Streetmusician
Joe Jaunty™ Streetmusician  (10 months ago)

Idling @ 1500 rpm - this carburater works at 5000 rpm! Lace-Rudy....Yuk-Yuk-Yuk. Put your foot down - Gas up and leave a #11 on the asphalt!

DIVE BOMBER  (10 months ago)


Opera Comique
Opera Comique  (10 months ago)

Thanks Lace! Idling, Idling. Love the sentiment (especially staying away from political crap) and sound of this song! Much respect to you & Rudy dear friend! love love the O.Cers

Seven Days
Seven Days  (10 months ago)

Listening to "Idling, Idling" today - cool collab!!

Sur Rod
Sur Rod  (10 months ago)

Back because of the buzz about Idling, Idling...the two of your voices sound great together on this toe-tapping thumper! ~ Rod

Sam Pearce Music
Sam Pearce Music  (10 months ago)

Great sound you have here!

Andrew Austin
Andrew Austin  (10 months ago)

I never had cattle.........but I had a car...;-))

Tom Hedrick
Tom Hedrick  (10 months ago)

Back for more listening today because you are too cool for school! Thanks for your unique and delightful talent.