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Gibson Cemetery / Comments

h.m.stockhaus  (3 months ago)

you have good track`s here.

A N U N N A K I  (4 months ago)


nancy-ann michaud
nancy-ann michaud  (4 months ago)

enjoyed Graveyard. nicely done

Satan Inside
Satan Inside  (4 months ago)

Thanks for fanned my band.
Compliments for your music, there's horror style inside!

Jeffrey Whitman
Jeffrey Whitman  (4 months ago)

"Let it Rock" Burning up my computer on this Thursday ! Excellent !

Red Cloud
Red Cloud  (4 months ago)

Great music ! heavy like I like it ;-) tell me : Why Gibson cemetery ? (I've got 3 of them)

Gibson Cemetery
Gibson Cemetery  (4 months ago)

Our Guitarist grew up next door to the namesake, we had to walk through it to get to the trailer we practiced in. in the beginning we were known as The Gibson Cemetery band, and we just shortened it. The reference to the guitar manufacture is purely a beneficial coincidence. our other guitarist plays Paul's exclusively at this time.

Shocking Dawn
Shocking Dawn  (4 months ago)

"Let it Rock"!! Very heavy, very rockin!!! Great work, my fellow Texas rock and rollers! Best wishes for you and your great music!

AITG/Agony In The Garden
AITG/Agony In The Garden  (5 months ago)

Let It Rocks Rocks! Cheers!

BLACK LUNG  (5 months ago)

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Quan Chi
Quan Chi  (5 months ago)

Keep on doing y'all out there.