Special Guest
Special Guest  (7 months ago)

Killer sound! Love the tunes!

Jason Josiah Phillips
Jason Josiah Phillips  (7 months ago)

Melian is possibly one of my very favorites. Too many good ones though ol' friend ;)

Jason Josiah Phillips
Jason Josiah Phillips  (7 months ago)

Holiday Night Club is freakin' perfect..

Silver Knuckle
Silver Knuckle  (7 months ago)

Rock On! Wicked music! Peace,,,

kloudworks  (7 months ago)

Hey, Nick goes country funk! Awesome sound and really sweet guitars. Love the punky instrumental parts. What a night club. You rock, Nick ~ k.

Hillbilly Dix
Hillbilly Dix  (7 months ago)

Fantastic writing and adore your vocal style ~ very catchy stuff :) thanks for the support Nick, and all the best to you from OZ..Jen xo

Noellia Goodwin
Noellia Goodwin  (7 months ago)

Really great sound! Love your lyrics too!

Late Night District
Late Night District  (7 months ago)

Great sound! Keep up the hard work!

Jean Vivace
Jean Vivace  (7 months ago)

Thank you for your support..appreciated!!! Listened to your first featuring song..very well performed..great song..ROCK ON!!! Jean

Johnny D Lewis (JD Lewis)
Johnny D Lewis (JD Lewis)  (7 months ago)

Thank you Nick life in the old dog song is great all the best JD Lewis