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Mars Khan
Mars Khan  (9 months ago)

pop a pill roll j's, playas club lisa raye, dat shit hard baby ain lying, i fuck wit yo music ima keep up wit u from now on

Smitty ( of Blended Soul)
Smitty ( of Blended Soul)  (9 months ago)

Just passing through to show love for the music. Peace!

Mental Ward Click
Mental Ward Click  (9 months ago)


Cadillac BlackMamba
Cadillac BlackMamba  (9 months ago)

hey whats good im feeling your music and would love for you to get one one of my songs

Vocalatti  (9 months ago)

"I am"..now " that's".. smooooth!!!!!!!

Amo$ Me$iah
Amo$ Me$iah  (9 months ago)

i love your music , you gon blow shawty i can feel it...Much love

C.B.E. (charley blacks)
C.B.E. (charley blacks)  (10 months ago)


Shady Grady
Shady Grady  (10 months ago)

I'm loving your songs! Feel free to stop by my page at www.gradyvision.com and share you music and video and I'll do the same.

Unique' AngEL
Unique' AngEL  (10 months ago)

"I Am" is beautiful

Unique' AngEL
Unique' AngEL  (10 months ago)

Great sound, I love the vocals with the dope tracks!