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Willie Millionare AKA Mr Jonez / Comments

Eturnal  (over 1 year ago)

Lets Get it! Keep Grinding!

Mr. Take A F7ick
Mr. Take A F7ick  (over 1 year ago)

7ove the music! keep grinding! HARD WORK PAYS OFF! make sure you check out my new video an 7et me know what chu think thank you 7ove!

Madbrikz  (over 1 year ago)

I'm loving the sound here, maybe we can colab sometime. I just made a song called " Never Change " with the second verse open if you're up for it. Check it out and let me know what you think >?

Willie Millionare AKA Mr Jonez
Willie Millionare AKA Mr Jonez  (over 1 year ago)

Plz send it to my email williemillionare@gmail.com
I thank you for complements on my music, Im just trying to give people a reason to listen, you feel me. I think our sound will be Dope and I look forward to making music with you.

Madbrikz  (over 1 year ago)


Dream Team Enterprise
Dream Team Enterprise  (over 2 years ago)

I wouldve sent this in a message but it wouldnt let me)

Angel Inez (Ex-partner of the Dream team Network)

Hey there, I'm Angel inez from The P Diddy show Starmaker a couple
years ago. I hope all is going good with you, but I'm sure it is. The
reason behind this message is because one of my producer partners
pretty much pulled me to your page to review your music. He said
there's a lot of potential in this project. So me being the nice
person I am I took a listen to the music and I was impressed. Although
nothing is ever perfect I feel your music is on point. So I want to
give you some info about this proposal.

I use to be apart of a management network named Dream Team and their
management firm is led by a few capital records consultants. A little
about me, I was born in the same city as Evan (the leader of Dream
team). We pretty much knew eachother for while. So I started really
getting in the studio and making music. He told me that one of his
partners knew a producer from the show. The judges were Rodney
Jerkins, P diddy, a couple other high level executives. The same
people who gave Evan the shot to get me on that show was the same
people who told him about NBC the Voice. He knew about it way before
it came out through a california connect. Evan use to be my manager
untill I signed a deal with a label who brought out our contract. I'm
not saying he can duplicate and replicate anything. But he can sure
make some big stuff happen. Because that show changed my life. But
there's good and bad with everything.

Pretty much I want you to give you the shot to work with Evan and
Capital to persue some of your needs whether it is breaking
mainstream, or getting a sponsor or radio play or even tv apperance
like he did for me. Google P didy starmaker and you will see my
picture.. I told him briefy about you already. This is definetly
something serious and not one of those chain scam messages..And all of
this is low budget. So it doesn't cost much at all. Compared to these
A&R's out here. Its a fair share. Since this is a serious inquiry it
has to be act on fast if you want to make a statement. So you can call
him just so he can explain to you how it works and you guys can
explore the idea of a new beginning.

Here's his number 201-407-2914 Evan or Evander Solomon
And his email is dreamteamroster@gmail.com