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Nonpoint / Comments

Stuart  (7 days ago)

I really like your music especially "What a day". Check out my music I think the song for you is "Anarchy".

dUm1 and the uncommon senses
dUm1 and the uncommon senses  (21 days ago)


Randall C Anderson
Randall C Anderson  (26 days ago)

very nice well done showing support

Silent Redemption
Silent Redemption  (about 1 month ago)

Killer tunes guys!! Cant wait till you get back to eastern Iowa!!

MykoMan  (5 months ago)

Great tunes... enjoying the listen. Check us out when you can! it would be much appreciated!! ~Mykonman

AFTERBURN  (6 months ago)

You guys have some kick ass music!
www.afterburn.me firefighting, beer swigging, shot taking, heartbreaking rock and roll mutha focking bad asses \\m//

killing abraham
killing abraham  (6 months ago)

Can't wait til the Bonnie Kate Show!

Arvins Garden
Arvins Garden  (6 months ago)

Ahead of your times type of music. Keep up the great dynamic sounds.

metaled  (8 months ago)

love your song signs

Roz'N Knight
Roz'N Knight  (9 months ago)

It's since 2011 when I discover your song that I love your band, hope see you soon in France! We're an acoustic band, and my favourite song is Past it All. Please check our music! xxx