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Edison's Lab
Edison's Lab  (3 months ago)

Great stuff guys! I can definitely hear the influences of America and the Allman Brothers!

Thirteen Suns
Thirteen Suns  (3 months ago)

Great easy listening. Love the tunes and great arrangements. ~Dex

Damn Hippies
Damn Hippies  (4 months ago)

Just Be There is one sweet, smooth creation. Pleasure to listen.

Starch Monkey
Starch Monkey  (4 months ago)

"Tonight" is a great track. Rock on.

Mary Monroe
Mary Monroe  (4 months ago)

Listening to"I Think I Will" Talk about being enchanted, I love the arrangement, sincerity, and beauty in your music! Thank you

Shelia King
Shelia King  (5 months ago)

Ibeautiful,I looked at the lyrics as you sing and so much expression is given. Thanks for sharing your talent with us all.
Shelia think I will is just

SirEEL  (5 months ago)

Great music for "Voices in the NIght!" Good tune. Thanks for being our fan!

Greg Harry
Greg Harry  (5 months ago)

great songs, darkhorse, great bio, great sense of humor, you rock!

Susan Busatti Giangano
Susan Busatti Giangano  (5 months ago)

Great songs! I just love "I Think I will"!! Wishing you much success!!

DarkHorseSalemBand  (5 months ago)

A comment like that from such a prolific song writer means more than I can say. THANK YOU, I am honored.

the th0ught pr0v0ker
the th0ught pr0v0ker  (5 months ago)

realize with 'Real Eyes' is a Wonderful song! Respect Mike n' Steve