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Dj Guax / Comments

Andrew Austin
Andrew Austin  (9 days ago)

Great vibe to Donna Summer!! Best wishes as always & thanks, Andrew

MARYANN  (15 days ago)

Always a pleasure to come and visit. ...=_=...

DJ Antonio
DJ Antonio  (15 days ago)

and weekend, perfect for visits and charge your batteries with good music, good weekend, greetings Dj Antonio

Thadeus Project
Thadeus Project  (16 days ago)

bringing the support and respect from chi town my friend. best to you and yours from the windy city. g

Sur Rod
Sur Rod  (16 days ago)

Love the new I FEEL LOVE. Perfect for summer! Way to go Dj Guax!!! ~ Rod

Bonnie McGill
Bonnie McGill  (16 days ago)

Hi DJ..Playing your awesome music here at Bonnie's Cafe' We have coffee ready and a nice cozy booth saved just for you... BFF,,, Love,,, Bonnie

John Revitte
John Revitte  (16 days ago)

Very cool Donna Summer remix of "I Feel Love" brother!

Amanda Pollard
Amanda Pollard  (16 days ago)

enjoying a lovely summer evening with your music ♥ ♥ ♥

Heleana Maria
Heleana Maria  (16 days ago)

Really love the originality and interesting blends of Long Road to U! Nice work you do!

Heleana Maria
Heleana Maria  (16 days ago)

hi DJ, good to hear from you again and definitely remember Donna Summer and hear to relax and enjoy these masterpieces of sound this late morning
Remember you are always welcome
Peace and safekeeping,
Heleana Maria