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Akim Jensch / Comments

Michelle Kasajian  & The Crush
Michelle Kasajian & The Crush  (3 months ago)

Loved listening to your music today!

DSilence  (3 months ago)

Hallo Jens, du machst tolle Musik. ich bin immer wieder verwundert, wie viele gute Künstler man hier bei Reverbnation trifft. viele grüße, David

MARYANN  (9 months ago)


LING-LING ALFARI  (10 months ago)

natural talent you are... fantastic!

Billy T. Scrapper
Billy T. Scrapper  (11 months ago)

great tunes my friend... BTS

TONY RYBKA  (11 months ago)

Just came by to listen to some great tracks...
and to say hello my friend.

Belinda & Co
Belinda & Co  (11 months ago)

ღ hi hiii Akim,

*thank you* ✿◠‿◠)

droppin to show some love n have a good listen to ur awesome music!! ♪(^_^)♪

been really gettin in the zone with ‘Facing the music (C.U./Akim)‘’ ‘n ‘ Far beyond (C.U./Akim Jensch).

i give high praise n respect when you are singing ur awesome song in English n not with ur mother tongue *quality* to be able to do this is such style ❤✿ܓ

ur music contains orchestra qualities i can feel a symphony of musical power within your music scores *big love* to ur vast creative intelligent music n passion!!

i have been enjoying ur personal website, you have a fascinating musical journey!!

╝╚╚╝║╦╚╗ *•.¸.•*..
░░░░╚╝╚╝ n musical respect!!

♪ Belinda xoxoxoxoxox ღ

Signo Nata
Signo Nata  (12 months ago)

You have a beautiful set of songs here, Jens! Hugs from Florida, USA!

Jaron Davis
Jaron Davis  (12 months ago)

Great feel on "No better feeling!"

TReyes / Solo Artist
TReyes / Solo Artist  (12 months ago)

Awesome vocals and instrumentation in * Turning the Corner * . Great writing and musicianship !! Enjoying the listen ..... and all the best . Tony