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Carly Jo Jackson / Comments

Greg Harry
Greg Harry  (24 days ago)

carly jo, you were awesome on AGT! congratulations!


Good music and excellent work..
Regards :)


Jerry J & California Flight Project
Jerry J & California Flight Project  (25 days ago)

Outstanding C Jo your there now make it firm in your heart to keep bringing it to your fans .You got this you have a wonderful lovely God gifted great voice . Your a Pop soul country folk jazz or blues singer you got it all an a great looking woman keep bringing it keep it firm in your heart . Your a rare very rare vocal stylist.... This I felt the very first time. U got commercial retail public appeal. A + talent = success


good luck on AGT!!! sound great....
thanks for the support...

Extreme Dream
Extreme Dream  (26 days ago)

stopping by to show some support, to you and your music. really good vocals and tone here, with some uplifting arrangements and all instrumentation. i pushed PLAY ALL today. a few of my picks: Wildflower, Heartless, This Is Goodbye and Oh Yeah........Tony

Tim Marks
Tim Marks  (26 days ago)

Great job on your AGT audition! Too bad they didn't show the entire performance! Good luck as you continue to move through the process toward the big money! Tim Marks

Braver than Fiction
Braver than Fiction  (26 days ago)

We watched your AGT audition! Great job - we're very pleased for you. Go get 'em!

Days of Rage
Days of Rage  (26 days ago)

Congratulations Carly
You Are Awesome~!
From the band Days of Rage!

Paul J. Clark
Paul J. Clark  (26 days ago)

Excellent job on America's Got Talent! You did fabulous. We're pulling for you.

mj laflair
mj laflair  (26 days ago)

WOW just saw you on Americas got talent how awesome is that great job .good luck lady .