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JQ The Kruzan Innovator
JQ The Kruzan Innovator  (1 day ago)

I rock with yo music fam. Keep it coming. Maybe one day our paths will cross and we can collab. ONE!

sonny ames
sonny ames  (5 days ago)

Yup... Definite!!!

Cos Grassano
Cos Grassano  (20 days ago)

I came by to give support by listening to your music and excellent musicianship

Earth Entertainment
Earth Entertainment  (20 days ago)

Would you like to perform May 4th at Masquerade (Atlanta, GA) for the Underground Hype Tour? Hit me up or leave me your number if you would like to perform. Check us out at earth-entertainment.com - You can also fill out a booking form on the site.

The Jazz Destroyers
The Jazz Destroyers  (23 days ago)

Nice sound.
Hit me up, I'd love to talk about what gear you're using to make these beats.

Gwendolyn Finney
Gwendolyn Finney  (24 days ago)

I really enjoy listening to your music* Too many fav‘s to list... I feel like your C.D.‘s should be in stores now ;-) Much continued success to you!!

Parion  (24 days ago)

Wanna colab, I like your music and I'm popping.

MarzDaniels  (25 days ago)

Awesome sound, I enjoyed listening to your music. I wish you all the success this world has to offer.


Mark Cheetah
Mark Cheetah  (25 days ago)

"Roll On, Smoke On" is excellent. Man, your doubled vocals are TIGHT! Great stuff... keep up the good work!

Eric Hendrix
Eric Hendrix  (26 days ago)

Really appreciate the honesty and homage for your mother's adage you convey in We Struggle Everyday. Great tune. I can hear a mother's voice, descant over yours, one-liners that capture her spirit and energy to drive home your point that life is a struggle.
In an odd way it would seem to offer hope b/c she's the mom, who appears to have made it (or is making it) and you, the son are embracing her hope.
Just a thought -- but thanks for liking my music and sharing with me what you do. Keep it coming, brother. ~Peace.