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Mike Hounshell
Mike Hounshell  (7 months ago)

I'm blown away. I love the whole package. Powerful songs, strong melodies and sweet soulful vocals.
I'll be back for more listens.
Peace - Mike Hounshell

Neil Brannigan Tyrrell
Neil Brannigan Tyrrell  (7 months ago)

Proper nice tunes.. Much enjoyed


Rick Guthier
Rick Guthier  (7 months ago)

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Mark Raven
Mark Raven  (8 months ago)

Superb vocals, great rock sound.

Eva morral
Eva morral  (8 months ago)

Wow! great music, lovely voice! =)

congratulation for your work!

Lara May
Lara May  (8 months ago)

Really enjoyed listening to your music! Best of luck to you.

Synaptic Machines
Synaptic Machines  (8 months ago)

No more time is smashing, I love the power in the chorus: You guys Rock!

Stiff Spirit
Stiff Spirit  (8 months ago)

Powerful Rock!

Fred Rush
Fred Rush  (8 months ago)

Great soulful rock retro sound. I envision this being very good live. Great vocals. Let me know if you ever tour in Texas. Would love to see you guys.

Logrind  (8 months ago)

Hi Lisa & Douglas!! Blown away! Here I am is stuck in my head!