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Digroots  (5 days ago)

Wicked sound whanau! Cheers for the support! Always keen to support Aotearoa music at its finest! All the best!
Digs Crew

Embers From Cremation
Embers From Cremation  (10 days ago)

Sounds nice!

EPIC DIZASTER  (10 days ago)

you sound good, i like it.

Greetings From The Imposter
Greetings From The Imposter  (15 days ago)

You guys have got some great stuff going on here - keep up the good work.

Dwayne Hebert
Dwayne Hebert  (15 days ago)

Very Professional Sound!

Steve Joz
Steve Joz  (16 days ago)

Awesome display of music, lyrics, vocals, and harmony!

tigerlady  (16 days ago)

Aint Your Business :)

434  (18 days ago)


Living Waters
Living Waters  (18 days ago)

We love rock that respects the inner musical structure of MUSIC and songwriting: lyrics, melody lines adorned with touches of strength and beauty. Wonderful work, friends! You have real music and real talent. On behalf of Living Waters I meet and respect a lot of bands, but it is always special to meet a pair as gifted as you. I praise the Creator for you and your work.

Crazy Creek
Crazy Creek  (18 days ago)

Really stylish rock delivery! All the best and a big yee-haw from the rowdy tundra monkeys way, way up in Alberta, Canada!