Othello / Comments

Jo'King  (2 months ago)

Your music is truly a blessing. Awesome work!

chinwe  (3 months ago)

very nice- esp (because of you). Keep the faith/ Bless!

Tha Wreking Ball
Tha Wreking Ball  (3 months ago)

Hey Othello! Thanks for checkin out my page. I really appreciate it. I'm listening to All Things Are Possible right now. I love it. Really sounds great.
God bless you brother,

David E. Maxwell
David E. Maxwell  (4 months ago)

I was bless today as I listened to you music today. God has blessed you with a unique sound that ministers to many. Keep giving God the glory through your anointed music bro.

Chosen The Disciple
Chosen The Disciple  (5 months ago)

I enjoyed listening to All Things Are Possible
I like your style & sound
Keep rep'n the kingdom
God bless

MARIZZ GUTIERREZ  (5 months ago)

Its Because of you I love it

AJ CHRISTIAN BAND  (5 months ago)

very nice voice enjoyed your music very much aj

Dynahsti  (5 months ago)

We love your music! Awesome!!!

Heleana Maria
Heleana Maria  (5 months ago)

Its Because of You is a very beautiful worded song
sung from your heart and soul! Wonderful and
have a blessed weekend,
Heleana Maria
please come and see what Jesus has given me
and others to share with many!

Jim Davis
Jim Davis  (5 months ago)

Well done man of God. With this success comes greater challenges. "All Things Are Possible". Congratulations on this collections of your best with more to come!