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The Sticky Midgets - It's Not Big And It's Not Clever

Finally, after 17 years, I have completed the second instalment of nonsense known as The Sticky Midgets.

The album is called It's Not Big And It's Not Clever and it's a mid tempo album with utterly fascinating elements.

Some rock, some metal, some synthy ambience here and there, poor vocal harmonies and soloing a plenty.

Can you resist?

Click on the BandCamp link where you can listen or download at the quality of your choosing.

http://thestickymidgets.bandcamp.com/album/its-not -big-and-its-not-clever

PS - This blog was originally posted on my Ultimate-Guitar profile last year (2013) so it's a bit out of sync date wise.

The Epic Industrialist Tour (O2 ABC, Glasgow, 14th December 2012)

Last night, myself, my brother and some mates made the treacherous journey north to the big bright lights of Glasgow for the Epic Industrialist Tour, at the O2 ABC. The Devin Townsend Project, Fear Factory and Tesseract were due to assault our lardy Scottish ears with their heavy metal rock and roll music.

I know nothing more about Tesseract than a quick YouTube listen a few weeks back but, considering I'm not overly bothered about the whole 'djent' thing that's growing I think they sound OK. Despite this, we missed them due to us having a few refreshments in Rufus T's at the time.

Fear Factory come on. They played all the songs I wanted to hear but it became very obvious that no-one was that impressed. The crowd only showed polite applause at the end of each song and Burton C Bell was clearly frustrated and at one point reminded the crowd that it was Friday night and that they’re at a metal gig but their sound just lacked any real guts considering how heavy their music is. Also, Burton’s voice was terrible on the clean vocal parts which was a total disappointment during Resurrection. They played their set with little crowd interaction then left the stage.

While Devin Townsend's roadies were setting up, a film was projected onto a screen using all sorts of random silliness borrowed from YouTube. This definitely perked the crowd up while waiting for the arrival of the ex-skulleted madman. Eventually he comes on to huge applause and immediately has the crowd in the palm of his hands. Getting them to hold their lighters up because "it's Friday night, let's make it cheesey!" and having them waving their hands along to the music. Despite having a cold, he was still singing well and in tune (unlike Burton) and putting on a good gig for everyone. Vampira and Juular were two particular favourites of mine and hopefully the man will return to Scotland soon.

Fear Factory and Devin Townsend were worlds apart. Fear Factory had no real enthusiasm or character while Devin had exactly that.

The Sticky Midgets...

Right now, work is continuing on the second load of crap for everyone to ignore. It will be called "It's Not Big And It's Not Clever". Lyrics have still to be written but most of the guitar work is finished and no-one will care.


I've had enough whisky and now I'm away for some coffee before bed :P

Re-mixing and re-mastering...

To the best of my ability, I am remixing and remastering the Sock, Aonaran, Lever and Fistpounder albums. Hopefully, I'll make them sound a bit better than they were.

I'm also working on a new Fistpounder album called "It's Not Big And It's Not Clever". A few demos are available on the band profile if you go click on it ;)

The Sticky Midgets...

Right now I am fiddling around with nonsensical jibberish that goes by the name of The Sticky Midgets. It's childish, it's annoying, it's catchy and it's metal etc, etc.

I'm sure no-one cares :P