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Facebook? Check! Twitter? Have That Too!

Social Networking is being used worldwide by many millions of people on Earth. There’s people using everything and anything from MyYearbook to Bizmo to Facebook. It’s the popular, most used way to speak to someone across the country, just as text messaging is, than to speaking to someone on the phone.

Now, you can personally add someone from Christ Compassion right to your friends list. There’s links to each one of their social networking pages. You can find each and every one of them on: Myspace, Facebook, and etc. Apostle Venance Bailey, Pastor Isaac Williams, Pastor Charline Williams, Pastor Estrada, and the other many ministers from Christ Compassion check their pages everyday. So it should be a sure thing to be able to interact with them one on one.

Christ Rock City

Christ Rock City is a new video game by C2G2 (Christ Compassion Glorious Games). Similar to Rock Band and Guitar Hero, Christ Rock City is a music based game featuring christian rock music by C2M2 artist, hear exclusive songs from the artists new albums… like “ Run To The Son” by Pastor Isaac Williams from his debut album The Fullness. Come along as a band begins their journey along the road to success, according to your accuracy and skills. Not only will you have to accurately hit the correct button sequences but also you control the characters movement as well. So stay tuned for further details on the powerful game Christ Rock City.

Holy Hip Hop For The Nations

Holy Hip Hop For The Nations is a new video game by C2G2 (Christ Compassion Glorious Games). Similar to Guitar Hero, Holy Hip Hop For The Nations is a music based video game, only this game has powerful Gospel Hip Hop songs by C2M2 (Christ Compassion Miraculous Music) artist such as Pastor Isaac Williams and many more. The Player will be able to not only control the accuracy of the Hip Hop but also control the characters actions. So get ready for the new way of worship, through this powerful video game, stay tuned for further details and previews of Holy Hip Hop For The Nations.

C2M2 App

Attention! All you who love music! Coming soon, available to pre-order today at a discounted rate is…C2M2 App! Incredibly, The Word Experience will be giving you the opportunity to keep updated with the latest news on the Miraculous Music they have coming soon to you. There’s many amazing different kinds of music being given out. There’s different genres in which just about any person could grab! C2M2 App will be the hottest app out! It’ll give you all the insights of all the C2M2′s featured artist. Everyone from Apostle Venance Bailly, to Pastor Isaac, and to Pastor Estrada will be giving you different types of music. Music videos, songs, biographies, events, where you can find them and so forth will all be held in this very own app. Just about anything you want to do, you can do with this application. C2M2 Records is about the greatest record company to be coming out with the hit songs! Check it out today, and pre-order your app!


For all the artists out there who love to write music, there’s something created perfectly for you. It’ll help enhance your writing ability, as well as, keeping your songs all in one bundle. No more paper, no more notebooks, and having to find a pen or pencil. All of that is in the olden days, and technology is bringing you to a higher level. Coming soon to iTunes, is an application called iPsalmist. You’ll be available to upload your instrumentals in which you want to use for your project. You can write your music right on the application by free-handwriting, or typing on a keyboard. A great feature given is the ability to create different song books. Say you created a whole album that you produced, and want to start writing for your next album coming up. You can simply start a new notebook, with new instrumentals, and all new writings. It’s a great way to start being be organized, and know where all your lyrics are. Check out the latest information on NewsFlash, where you’ll be able to pre-order your application today.

Sister Ria’s Upcoming Album, “In The Beginning…”

Do you have every Christian artists music on your shelf or on your iPod? Looking for a new artist to excite you with music in a new way? How about a Female Christian Hip-Hop artist? Yes! That’s right! A Female artist by the name of Sister Ria, is coming out with an album called, “In The Beginning…” Be on the lookout to check it out. “In The Beginning…” is an album put together, written by Sister Ria herself. Her album is about her walk in Christ, and the struggles and things that went on throughout her walk. She’s currently working on the album, as it should be completed in a few weeks. Currently, she has two singles out for the public to hear called, “Teenage Life,” and “I Love You, Jesus ft. Brother Chris McDaniels.” You can find her music placed on various websites such as, Reverbnation, iTunes, Myspace, The Word Store, and much more. There’s even a video of her single “Teenage Life” posted on YouTube for show.

If you’d like to get in touch with Sister Ria, and the status of her album or for further questions, feel free to find her on Facebook or www.myspace.com/sisterria.

Receive A Mighty Deal

Purchase Apostle Venance Bailly’s debut album “Flow With The Spirit” and get “Jesus Is Real (SP)” for free! Don’t miss this anointed and powerful deal!

Apostle Venance Bailly has two powerful albums that are being released for you to buy on Valentine’s Day! As well as, many other powerful albums too! His first debut album is called, “Flow With The Spirit.” This album will be featuring five mighty songs. One powerful one is called, “Mighty Move.” It will be available online on iTunes and www.storetheword.com for you to purchase with a great deal. We will be selling the debut album, “Flow With The Spirit,” and also, receive Apostle Venance Bailly’s second album, “Jesus Is Real (SP)” for no price at all! Sounds like a great deal! Doesn’t it? It is! It’s a deal you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

“Jesus Is Real (SP)” has a total of six songs on the album. “Le Vrai,” is the hit single, as it hashundreds of YouTube hits. It’s a powerful song, as a powerful glow is shown off of Apostle Venance Bailly in the music video.

Apostle Venance Bailly’s albums will be available to pre-order now on www.storetheword.com. It would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone, or perhaps yourself. Get the Spirit of Jesus flowing through your body, and worship to him daily with Apostle’s powerful albums.

Win The Famous For Christ Vol. 1

Win The Famous For Christ Vol. 1 is a new album, to be released on February 14, 2011. This is album was made by C2M2 artist, who are reaching out to the famous stars of the world. Simply showing God’s love toward stars through powerful songs. Even tho this album is not yet in stores today you can still purchase these hit singles, “In The End (It Does Matter) and “You Should Know Me As”, two amazing singles in The Word Store. So what are you waiting for? Go get the singles today at storetheword.com.

Come to Me (SP)

Finally an album that is powerful and anointed but for kids!! I know there are a lot of moms and dads who are very happy about this. Come to Me (SP) is made up of songs that were written by Pastor Isaac, Pastor Estrada, Chris McDaniels and Jo-Jo Pallanes. These songs were created with children in mind. The purpose of this album is to make sure there some avenue being used to reach children of younger ages. It is always good to reach children at a young age when their hearts are open and it is easy to instill in them the importance of knowing Christ and having Him in their lives. It is normally challenging to change a heart that is already set, however with this album children can realize that the Jesus they hear about cares and loves them and that they can live a life for him with joy and even excitement. Come To Me (SP) will not be available until Valentine’s Day but there are 2 songs from the album that are currently available at the Word Store: 1. “Tu he mon Tata” by Pastor Estrada

2. “We, the Children of God” by Jo-Jo Pallanes

Make sure you get a copy of these songs for your kids. You will be molding and shaping your kids future for great achievement by getting copies, so invest in your children today!!!

Mighty Move Music Video in Production

The Mighty Move is a powerful song that was written by Apostle Venance Bailly. It gives the audience the opportunity to experience the Lord’s presence in a mighty way. As a result of this we have decided to do an advertisement for this song. This advertisement gives you a great detail as to what the song is about and why you need to purchase it. It will bring a lot of awareness and exposure so that people can know that there is something out there that can bring you peace and into the presence of God. This advertisement was solely written and done by Pastor Isaac Williams, who is a very talented and skilled individual. Throughout the advertisement you will be able to see how his skills were used to give the advertisement a great level of professionalism. This advertisement will be able available for the public to experience on the 17th of January on the Word Store. This advertisement will able be available on local television. This advertisement is mainly a simple style of marketing that is very informative but very clear and short at the same time. We here at the Word Store are very excited that you will be able to view this advertisement. Enjoy!!!!