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Marla Davis / Blog

Crazy Enough

You! Yes, you the recording artists. Find yourself a crazy woman to take care of the details of your releases. If she starts out that way, she won't know it ends that way. A one-woman corporation takes a lot of heat throughout the production of one project. By the time six more projects roll by, she will be outside in the night staring at the moon, wondering what happened. A manager has to get out of the kitchen to take the heat. Frankly, there has been little or no home cooking since the first project. Projects take up the whole house. Then when that one's full, you have to move. Do that enough times, and you learn to live with a toothbrush and a change of undies. That's all I can say for now. Be careful and follow your dreams. Just be careful, okay?

Oh, you know

Where'd the last few decades go. Music does that, you know. It steals your everything. Best I can do now is appreciate the new music, share it, and wish the bands all my best for a spectacular future!

The 18 Songs Are Home

I thank each and every one of you who urged us to continue, who stood by us when the going got rough. Babies were born, relatives and plants died, and we made a few enemies who are still out there looking for their own pot of gold.

Heads Up For POWERFUL Performance by Keith

One HELLUVA Powerful Performance by Keith Curtis coming up at The Rhythm Room in Phoenix https://tickets.aftonshows.com/keithcurtis

The Show Calendar Gray List

Let me give you a little history on this: AftonShows.com booked Keith Curtis at the Phoenix Rhythm Room for an appearance during the venue's twenty-year anniversary.

The Problem: No matter which social network avenue I choose to promote Keith's appearance, I run into gaps. The gap between ticket purchases specifically for Keith, and the venue's calendar is wide.

To you, dear reader, the problem is akin to grocery shopping. When a shopper wants a certain grocery product to be more visible, you get in return: "Oh. That's up to the distributor."

In the case of AftonShows booking Keith, AftonShows is the distributor. The grocery store is the Phoenix Rhythm Room. So, when I go looking for a direct link to the venue for fans, I find that Keith is on the bottom shelf of the calendar display, in the gray area way down below the prominent calendar. "That," says the kind and respectful Rhythm Room, "is up to AftonShows."

The public perception is that Keith must not be very good, since he is not prominent. In reality, it's all about money. Understandable. What is missing?

Well, 'what is missing' could be one (or more) of two things. First, he did not pay enough for the prime slot; or, he put his funding into quality over a long period of time. Which one of those two options do you recognize as valid?

Best wishes, Marla Davis


Out of the proverbial clear blue, comes an opportunity. Keith Curtis has been accepted as a VIP at the 2011 Independent Music Summit. Since Keith's music has proven itself through airplay throughout his career, we can only surmise that he was chosen for this year's event because of his durability and persistence. Certainly, it is not because he makes a lot of noise; certainly, it is not because he is flashy; so it must be something else. Luck? Maybe. Are we ready for this opportunity? Absolutely! Is our body of work mature enough to wend our way through the maze of this summit? Does it take skill, or is it all in how many Swarkovski crystals we can sew onto our lapels in time for the soriees? Come the end of September, 2011, we will know.

To My Fans

I search the digital horizon for signs of opportunity. As with you, my friends, I see an ever-changing digi-scape of complexity. Together, we sign up for this and that; here and there; and, it gets tiresome. It's a whole new way, this promo business, that results in the same old rejection. If there is a difference, it is in that 'rejection' has turned into us being ignored -- passed over in the passive sense. This is no time to give up the chase, because there are more opportunities than ever before. Whether you hear from me directly or not, I work on your behalf to the best of my ability, to get recognition for your talent. It's a crap shoot, naturally, but we must press on. Thank you for taking the chances with me. Together, we slowly make our way toward our dreams in a blazingly fast world. Best wishes, Marla

Every Time

Every time I sign up somewhere, I find out I have more opportunities if I sign up someplace else, which then offers me more opportunities to sign up for more opportunities. I've lost count, lost my names, lost just about everything. But I keep on signing up because that's what representatives do!

~KrossThred~ Band Of The Mighty

This band is a crafty bunch. They have character, and make an event wherever they happen to be. Each band member brings a piece of their corners of the world to the table. They find the best food, best drinks, and best audience no matter where they go. This is an open, friendly bunch of sharp guys with quick wit and lots of go-power! They are a must-see! to satisfy the craving to get away from it all and have a great time!

News And Press Releases

Dear Me!

Press Releases and News Releases are similar, yet have different applications. Take my word for it, or look it up. Either way, it's a manager's job to do the homework and get the news out.

News wires and presses have highly specific information requirements. At one time, any old body could blast out a 'press release' with a couple of old guidelines.

Then came the digital age. Now, a release can fly at the touch of a button for a few bucks. Big Bang for the Buck! Here is the trick though: The release has to be better than anybody else's, and it has to be exactly accurate in the precise manner in which the information is presented to the submitter.

Until a few years ago, targets for releases were tediously studied, culled, and selected to receive the release. That meant obtaining and retaining vast collections of data, which rapidly deteriorated. The storage of data required laborious, tedious upkeep.

Musicians think it still works that way. They always will.